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Immersed in tradition and projected into the future:

Vinarium has combined centuries of knowledge and technological innovation in its refrigerated coolers. With the help from the best experts in wine preservation, Vinarium has decided to design efficiently controlled cooling systems that respect the biochemical requirements of each bottle. Faced with modern trends in interior design, we at Vinarium wanted to emphasize aesthetics. Our electric wine coolers reflect clear lines of eloquent design, in perfect harmony with today’s aesthetic philosophy.

For almost thirty years we have been collaborating with experts in refrigeration technology and food and wine professionals. The combination of expertise has allowed Vinarium to offer a large ranges of wine coolers over time that have been increasingly perfected and in line with the times. The integration of the new digital systems has resulted in the release of the most technologically performing and versatile models on the market. Today Vinarium is a reality that is present in millions of homes, restaurants and wine shops.

Those who choose us know perfectly well the quality they are getting.

How to interact with our coolers

Choosing a Vinarium temperature-controlled wine coller means interacting with a living product, just like the wine you choose to store.

Using our products therefore requires the same amount of care that you give to your bottles. Vinarium therefore presents you with some general guidelines so that you can take advantage of our products to the utmost.

Every time you come across one of our products, please read the instructions carefully and take the appropriate amount of time to set it up.

“I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.”

Oliver Goldsmith

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